The history of the Doctoral School of Economic Informatics is closely related to the history of the Faculty of Economic Cybernetics, Statistics and Informatics. The first doctoral theses were done in the field of statistics. In the years 1956-1965, in the specialization Theoretical Statistics, seven titles of candidate in sciences were awarded (the current equivalent of the doctoral degree), and in the specialization Planning of the national economy, eight such titles. After the establishment of the faculty, in 1967, the following doctoral fields were defended: Planning the national economy, Economic calculation and economic cybernetics, Economic and theoretical statistics. During 2000 and 2004, the faculty managed a unique doctoral field, Economic Cybernetics and Statistics, with three specializations: Economic Cybernetics, Economic Informatics and Economic Statistics. Since 2008, the doctoral training is carried out in two fields: Economic Informatics and Economic Cybernetics and Statistics. From this year, the Doctoral School of Economic Informatics is established with a large number of doctoral supervisors. The doctoral research topics are varied and are proposed from the top fields of Information Technology with preponderant applicability in the economic field.

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